Aims and Benefits of TUGIndia membership


  1. to encourage and expand the use of TeX, METAFONT and related systems
  2. to ensure the integrity and portability of TeX, METAFONT and related systems
  3. to foster innovation in high-quality electronic document preparation

Members of TUG help to promote the use of TeX and related systems, and receive the following:


  1. Publications: Each year, all members receive the quarterly journal TUGIndia, the official journal of the Indian TeX Users Group. The issues would ordinarily contain news about TUG, the international group, international and national events that are of interest to TeX uers and also articles covering macros and new developments in the world of TeX programming.
  2. Books and Software: TUGIndia would make arrangements shortly to make available a wide variety of literature and software as a ``one-stop shop'', TUGIndia would strive to maintains a list of all known TeX implementations.
  3. Annual Meetings: TUGIndia's Annual Meetings bring TeX users together to learn the latest in TeX applications and innovations through seminars, talks and informal gatherings. They offer an opportunity to connect with other TeX users at every level. Each conference is informative, but always informal and friendly - the perfect forum for valuable interaction and exchange of ideas on TeX.
  4. TeX Worldwide: When you belong to TUGIndia you connect with other TeX user associations around the world. Reciprocal membership arrangements are available with some of the European groups.

TUGIndia also distributes TeXLive 5 CDROM.

For additional information contact:

Indian TeX Users Group
3rd Floor, SJP Buildings
Cottons Hills, Trivandrum 695 014

Phone: +91-471-33 7501/7502
FAX: +91-471-33 3186

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