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This page contains information on some packages, and other typsetting systems based on (La)TEX.

Babel The Babel package by Johannes Braams provides multilingual support for LATEX.
ConTEXt ConTEXt (by Hans Hagen) is a system for typesetting documents. Visit the PRAGMA (Advanced Document Engineering) page for more information.
fontinst The fontinst package originally written by Alan Jeffrey simplifies the installation of PostScript or True Type fonts for use with (La)TEX. Click here to go to the fontinst homepage.
hyperref The hyperref package by Sebastian Rahtz extends the functionality of all LATEX cross-referencing commands so that those can be turned into hypertext links. You can download the package from your favorite CTAN mirror.
keyval The keyval package by David Carlisle implements a system of defining and using a set of parameters, which are set using the syntax <key> = <value>.
Metapost MetaPost is a graphics language by John D. Hobby. It is very similar to METAFONT except that it ouptuts PostScript commands instead of bitmaps. Click here to go directly to the MetaPost home.
Omega Omega is an extension of TEX developed by John Plaice and Yannis Haralambous. It aims primarily at improving TEX's multilingual abilities. Visit the Omega project home page for more information.
PSTricks PSTricks (by Timothy van Zandt) is a collection of PostScript-based TEX macros that are compatible with most TEX macro packages.
PPower4 The PPower4 package by Klaus Guntermann for making dynamic presentations (requires Java). This is the homepage of PPower4.
pdfTEX By Hàn Thê Thành, Sebastian Rahtz & Hans Hagen. Creates pdf directly from TEX source files. Click here to go the pdfTEX support page. This is the location for Thành's source of pdfTEX.
pdfTricks The pdfTricks package by Radhakrishnan CV and Rajagopal CV enables PSTricks macros to be used with pdfTEX. The package can be found here.
pdfscreen The pdfscreen package by Radhakrishnan CV helps to redesign the pdf output of normal documents fit to be read in a computer monitor while retaining the freedom of conventional printing. You can get the pdfscreen package here.
pdfslide The pdfslide package by Radhakrishnan CV provides a easy way to make technical presentations with easily configurable options. The package can be obtained from CTAN.
TEXpower A package by Stephan Lehmke for creating dynamic online presentations with LATEX. The latest version of the package can be found here.
Xy-pic Xy-pic (by Kristoffer Høgsbro Rose & Ross Moore) is a package for typesetting graphs and diagrams. The package can be obtained from its home!

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